Techy Devices for a Better Sleep

The quality of your sleep is highly important because a good night’s sleep not only keeps you healthy but also improves your yield during the following day. This means that investing in the latest sleep improving gadgets is a smart move that will improve your life in more than one ways.

The Sense Sleep Tracker

If you want to enjoy a better sleep, this is the device to have in your bedroom for multiple reasons. First of all, it monitors the environment in your bedroom to rank your sleep quality based on the noise, lighting, and air quality. Next, it features an alarm that wakes you up at the lightest sleep cycle so it will be easier for you to wake up. Last, but not least, Sense plays soothing sounds that will help you fall asleep faster. The device consists of a white ball that sits on the nightstand and a small “pill” that fits under your pillow and it only costs $129.

The Sleep Shepherd Blue Sleep Tracking Headband

This smart headband plays two different frequency sounds to your ears to help your brain relax and achieve a sleepy stage. It also monitors your sleep by keeping tabs on your sleeping positions and sleep cycles throughout the night, and then uses the information to offer you tips on how to improve your sleep. A better sleep with this gadget will cost you $250 which is not much if you have frequent sleeping problems.

The Eight Smart Bed Cover

A better sleep is strongly connected to your bed so a smart bed cover that fits over your mattress and can change the way you sleep is what you need. The comfort and convenience of the Eight smart mattress cover tracks details like your bed temperature, the times you go to bed and wake up, the room temperature, humidity, noise and light levels, how many hours you sleep, how much you move in your sleep, your breathing rate, and your heart rate. The device is available at a price starting at $349 and it’s a well worthy investment.

The HoMedics Deep Sleep Sound Machine

The noises you might hear when going to bed could keep you awake and ruin your sleep so having a device that could mask all those noises is more than essential for a better sleep. HoMedics Deep Sleep is a sound machine that plays white noise and nature sounds at various intensities to allow you to relax and ignore the surrounding noises. The device excels at white noise and is one of the most efficient sleep-improving devices that costs only $80.