Coolest Robotic Gardening Tools

Is a big majority of your time spent on caring for the garden? Then you have to find a way to care for your lawn and garden without sacrificing too much of your free time on the maintenance work. Fortunately, there is a great solution that you can turn to, and the solution is to use robotic gardening tools. These robotic tools will take care of the lawn without requiring any effort on your part, which means that you can enjoy a little me-time while the garden is taken care of. To find out which are the best and coolest robotic gardening tools on the market, continue to read this article.

Robomow RS630 robot lawn mower

As a green thumb, a chore that tends to occupy a big part of your time is mowing the lawn. But with the help of the Robomow RS630 robot lawn mower, you won’t have to lift a finger again to mow the lawn because this robot will handle everything for you. It costs $2100. This robotic device comes with a base station that the unit returns to on its own when it needs to recharge its batteries. Also, it stays in the base station when it’s not in use for the robot to stay out of your way. The rain sensor that the robot lawn mower features allows you to choose in what rain or high humidity conditions the unit must stop operating and return to the station for safety. This model can mow areas that have slopes of up to 36 percent. Due to the fact that it features Multiple zones, you can set it to handle different areas of the garden based on their individual needs. In addition, this robotic device features special sensors that prevent it from damaging the objects on your lawn.

Ariens 4WD RB-Sdr-82 robot snow blower

Another must have robot gardening tool for any green thumb who wants to enjoy more free time without sacrificing the health and beauty of the garden is the Ariens 4WD RB-Sdr-82 robot snow blower. For the price of $9850, this innovative robot will handle removing the snow off of the lawn on its own. The 4-wheel drive robot snow blower comes with the Ariens compact 24-inch snow blower with which it removes the snow that it encounters on its path. It’s powered by the impressive Ariens AX 208CC two-stage engine. It can handle snowfall that is up to 20 inches tall. The quick turn chute of this model can rotate up to 205 degrees. In addition, the remote deflector is able to throw the snow up to 40 feet in the air.