Cool High Tech Gadgets for Your Home

Do you live in a modern house and you are a technology lover as well? If so, then you must make sure you own some cool high tech gadgets that will highly improve the quality of your life. Don’t you know exactly what you should get? If so, then here are the most highly recommended devices of this type.

Kwikset SmartCode 916 touchscreen electronic deadbolt

This is a must have security device, these days, when burglaries are so common all over the world. A cool high tech gadget like this will highly secure your front door, and it will also provide you the necessary information so that you know exactly what is happening at home while you are gone. The Kwikset SmartCode 916 touchscreen electronic deadbolt uses the SmartKey re-key technology in order to communicate via WiFi to home automotion. This smart door lock can be installed in just a few minute, with a screwdriver.

Dyson AM07 tower fan

This tower fan is absolutely excellent. You will not feel hot during summer, as it will provide you a very pleasant breeze. Furthermore, due to the bladeless design, the unit can be safely used around children and pets as well. It is one of the best products of this type due to its powerful airflow and safe design as well. The Dyson AM07 tower fan comes with a function which is similar to a light dimmer switch that enables you to adjust with ease the speed of airflow, with the turn of a knob. This procedure will allow you to actually find the perfect fan speed for the room where you use the device. You will absolutely love the fact that the Dyson AM07 tower fan is Energy Star compliant, and it actually runs on 10% less power than other models of this type. Overall, this unit is one of the best ones available on the market today, which will do an excellent job in the summertime.

Arist Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker

With this amazing coffee maker you can actually start brewing your drink without actually getting off your bed. You can do this by using your smartphone which has been connected to the coffee machine. With the Arist Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker, you can actually control the grind of the beans as well, which is absolutely great. Furthermore, you can also adjust the strength of your drink, which is another wonderful advantage. All these three cool high tech gadgets for your home, presented in this article, will definitely improve the quality of your life. Therefore, confidently purchase them and enjoy what they have to offer.