3 Reasons to Build Apps with Back4App

As an app developer, you are probably well aware of the advantages of building apps with a backend as a service solution. This allows you to automate a lot of redundant tasks and to easily build features that most modern apps need. While there are numerous providers that offer these services, they are not all equally efficient. Based on our experience and the reviews of countless developers, Back4App is the best solution for building any type of app. They provide you with an Open Source Parse Server, which allows you to easily build, host and manage apps. Here’s what sets them apart from the competition:

1. High server performance

The Back4App platform is hosted on AWS, which is one of the best cloud services in the world, and it supports anything from query optimizers, to smart database index and auto-scaling. You can use the API and the Dashboard to store any type of data, from locations to media and much more. Moreover, you can access your data on any platform, without having to switch servers. By building directly into the SDKs you can also easily manage all your user interactions from signup to password reset and so on. Scaling your app also becomes increasingly easier. The NodeJS framework is capable to scaling apps up to 10.000 request/second. This is a considerable advantage over other similar solutions which are only capable of scaling 600 requests/second or less. Moreover, the platform has proven that it can scale apps with about 80.000 simultaneous users.

2. Easily reach your audience

Pushing notifications is one of the most challenging parts of managing an app. However, with Back4App you can send pushes directly from the Parse dashboard or by using cloud code functions. So, with just a few clicks or a few lines of code, you can send notifications to anyone. Moreover, you can easily create channels to address users based on their interests, or segment your overall audience based on various characteristics such as location, age or language. By sending the right content to the right audience, you can significantly increase your user engagement rate. And if you think that pushing notifications will cost you a lot of money, you should know that with the Back4App free plan, you can push unlimited notifications to a million unique devices every month.

3. Multiple SDKs

Whether you are building for a mobile operating system, a desktop or an IoT, Back4App offers you all the tools that you need for your app. Moreover, once you decide to expand to new platforms, you will already have the infrastructure in place, so you will be able to move a lot faster than if you had developed your own back-end, or if you worked with a baas provider that only had a few SDKs. Choose from the 13 native SDKs and get ready to build your app on mobile, desktop or IoT.